Online Master Options Trader is one of its kind course in India. It combines technical analysis with derivative data interpretation. Technical Analysis in isolation will almost always provide poor results. When you combine it with derivative analysis you will be able to frame strategies which would be high probability trades.

Format & Course Overview

It’s a 6 days online program in which you learn how to analyse the market and how to frame a low risk strategies. Post these 6 days Online Class 1 month of  Live market  support will be provided. This will help in implementing what you have learned in the real market.

  • Program deals with combining technical analysis with derivative analysis to form a market view
  • Framing strategies with high probability of profit with low risk
  • Option Strategies for different market conditions.
  • Option Morphing for converting losing position to neutral or profitable trade.
  • How to interpret the Open Interest in the market
  • Find out the most probable point of expiry
  • Use of Greeks i.e. Delta, Theta, Vega, Gamma, Rho.
  • Breakouts, Chart patterns & Projections
  • How to trade big events
  • Course Type : Online
  • Duration : 6 Days & 1 month support

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