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A Technical Analysis course designed by condensing the decades of experience. If you get the trend right, money is there to be made.This Technical Analysis course is a 3 day course which provides you all the necessary information and guidance to analyse the market trends with certainty.

First two days will be spent on understanding key elements of Technical analysis.On day 3, how to practically put things into action.Post completion of the 3 day course, you’ll be given Technical support of 2 months.

A New 3 Day TA Course Course
Day 1 : Technical Analysis
  •  Dow Theory
  •  Understanding Different market Trends
  •  Understanding Trading Volume
  •  Candlesticks
  •  Fibonnacci
  •  Trendline
  •  Practical Example
 Day 2 : Technical Analysis
  •  Powerful Trend Channels
  •  ADX
  •  RSI
  •  Chart Patterns
  •  Moving Avg  for Intraday Daily, Weekly
  •  Bollinger Band
  •  Stochastic
  •  Practical Example
Day 3 : Technical Analysis & Options
  • Elliot Waves
  • How to Set up Intraday Trades
  •  TA + Options
  • Practical Example
Course Special Feature
  • Easy to understand and implement
  • Comprehensive TA Course – No More Course Required for TA. Guaranteed
  • Will Simply Life of a trader & Investor
  • 2 Month Support post Training
  • Learn to build long term portfolio
  • 2 Month Regular Update on TA
  • 8 Trades – 2 Months
  • Practical Course for participant
  • Participant will bring Laptop everyday for Practical Experience
  • First 50 Participant to get Free Entry to Techno Derivative Course

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